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Olivia’s Story

olivia story

While growing up in a small and rural community, Olivia’s way of life was loving but different than most of her classmates. Olivia had a hardworking mother who was doing the best she could to give Olivia and her brother “Little Bo” the necessities (food, water and shelter) they needed. As a single mom of two, she often struggled with paying rent, utilities, food and other essentials.

Olivia and her family moved frequently, and she always had to share her room with her brother, Little Bo. It was difficult for Olivia to concentrate on her homework because the wiring in her home was faulty. Her mom told her to use the natural light during the day and candles to do her homework at night. The faulty wiring in the house caused problems with their washer and dryer too.

Olivia grew tired of washing her clothes by hand. The students at her school would tease her because her clothes were oftentimes dingy and tattered. Olivia never received an invitation to sleepover someone’s home and no one dared to ask to sleep at her home either.

Although Olivia is a fictional character in this sad story, her experience is a harsh reality for many children in Lincoln County. According to a report from the Center for Urban and Regional Studies of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNCCH), Lincoln County is one of twenty-one counties in the state where residents face severe cost-burden from their rent payments AND lack critical facilities in their rental units. More specifically, many Lincoln County residents pay more than 50 percent of their income toward rent and lack complete kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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