Global Village

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Each Habitat affiliate is required to tithe to another country to fund homes, "smokeless" stoves, sanitary latrines or water filter projects to help improve the quality of life. As Habitat founder, Millard Fuller, was quoted, “We the people should leave out none of the people.”

We proudly tithe to Habitat Guatemala, our sister affiliate, and have served 712 families through "smokeless" stoves and another 89 families with water filters.

In April 2018, our affiliate participated in a Global Village build in Guatemala to help build and celebrate the 100,000th family served with a housing solution!

Pictured above is our GV team of 10 comprised of staff, board and community members. The team was presented with a trophy for attendance and ongoing support of Habitat Guatemala. Our impact there has grown more significantly than any other affiliate.

Through Global Village builds with our sister affiliate, we continue to strengthen the passion for Habitat's mission and give participants a once in a lifetime experience to be the hands and feet of Christ.

To help fund a Global Village build for our affiliate, please donate below. We would also love to have you join us on our 2019 GV trip - for more information, contact our office.