Alternative Gifts

Old Habitat Lincoln Style Vs. New

Did you ever wonder what a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County enables us to purchase when building a new home?

Well here is just a short list of the many items that go into building a Habitat house. We are also building a different style of house now (as shown in the image). With your help, we can make a big difference in the lives of those in need in our community. Consider a gift today to lend a helping hand.

Donate $5: Buy One Stud

Donate $10: Buy One Box of Nails

Donate $15: Buy Drywall

Donate $25: Buy Bundle of Roof Shingles

Donate $35: Buy One Roll of Insulation

Donate $50: Buy One Floor Joist

Donate $75: Buy One Interior Door

Donate $85: Buy One Roof Truss

Donate $100: Buy Bathroom Faucets

Donate $150: Buy One Box of Vinyl Siding

Donate $175: Buy One Egress Bedroom Window

Donate $350: One Entrance Door with Locks

Donate $385: Buy Living Room Windows

Donate $550: Buy Electrical Fixtures for Entire House

Donate $1,000: Buy Vinyl Siding Materials

Donate $1,750: Buy Entire Roof

Donate $2,000: Buy Floor Coverings

Donate $2,250: Buy All Windows and Doors

Donate $3,500: Pay for All Landscaping Expenses

Donate $3,750: Buy One Complete Bedroom

Donate $5,000: Buy One Complete Bathroom

Donate $7,500: Trades Sponsor (Electrical, Plumbing)

Donate $15,000: Mechanical Sponsor (Water Heater, Furnace)

Donate $37,500: Half House Sponsor

Donate $75,000: Whole House Sponsor