The Changing Face of Lincoln County Habitat

The Changing Face of Lincoln County Habitat

We are committed to safety and our Board of Directors fully supports us! Dave Barrickman, our Construction Supervisor, recently spoke to the Board on the added cost to home construction by having to rent scaffolding as part of fall protection, i.e., safety.

Dave had been doing a lot of research on ‘fall protection’ and found one product that stood out.  It is called Alum-a-pole, and the cost was over $21,000.  The Board discussed the need for ensuring safety on the worksites, and they voted to have us proceed in purchasing the safety equipment, as soon as possible. 

Dave then went to work negotiating the price of the Alum-a-Pole safety equipment system, as well as, a delivery date that would allow us to begin installing the vinyl siding for our current house under construction.  Our final cost was just over $18,000 and it was delivered directly to our worksite the following week.

This past weekend, we welcomed volunteers from Elevation Church in Cornelius – they were celebrating LOVE Week (one of their outreach programs). One of those volunteers is a Safety Engineer with Duke Energy and asked about our fall protection plan.  It was perfect timing, as Dave was going through our 10 Commandments of Safety and had the volunteers gathered around our new safety equipment.  He was so impressed with this product that he filmed Dave’s demonstration so that he could share it!

The photo shows our Alum-a-pole system, which completely surrounds the house and is raised up by two people on each section.  You literally have to see it to really appreciate what this safety equipment has done for our building program, and more importantly, the safety of our volunteers.
An email was also sent to our Board, with a picture of the erected safety equipment with Rosanny Cruz, the future owner of this home, standing in the middle. 

This vote was not the first time our Board has stepped up in such a manner – they continue to make progressive decisions to further our mission of serving more families, engaging more volunteers, spreading the word about Habitat and supporting the changing the face of Lincoln County Habitat.