Stories from Terry

The Story of Life, to Me!

story of life

I was driving out in the country one day after M.C. and I had moved here from Georgia in 1996, and found this old pump.   I had been looking for one because these old pumps always seem to mirror life. (It wasn't red like this when I found it.)  

I took it by my dad's house in Huntersville and showed him. He said he would clean it up and paint it for me. I told him I wanted it red because at the time, I was working for Pizza Hut.

Not only did he clean and paint it, he mounted it on this piece of wood. I've used it from time to time when talking to different groups, as it just seems to hold their attention. At one time, I had it sitting on my book shelf. Now I have it prominently displayed on my desk as a constant reminder of its meaning to me.  

If you are familiar with these old pumps, then you know you have to "prime" the pump in order to get the water to come out. When you prime it, you also have to pump the handle really, really fast to bring the water to the surface. Did you know wells in NC can be hundreds of feet deep? So the water has to come a long way. Pumping it so fast can cause you to get tired. The result is sometimes you give up before ever getting the water to come out.  

That's why this pump mirrors life to me. You work hard to get the water out, but if you give up you never know just how close you were to getting water to flow. Of course, I bet you already knew that once the water starts flowing you can slow the pumping down and the water will continue to flow evenly. Just like life, you have to work hard to get started, and if you keep working at it, eventually your goal will happen. But if you stop working hard, you can't make it and have to start over again.  

How does this relate to Habitat? Look at the families applying to Habitat. They work hard to become a Habitat family. Once accepted into our program, it takes 12 to 18 months for their dream to come to fruition. Sage advice for them is to “Never, Ever, Give Up! “