Oaklawn Revitalization

Oaklawn Map

“Neighborhood Revitalization is the way of the future and is an essential element of Habitat’s work. By focusing on entire neighborhoods, we can greatly increase our impact.”

- Jonathan Reckford, CEO Habitat for Humanity International

Oak Lawn Information:

Oaklawn is an identified neighborhood located in Lincolnton, NC. It is an older, established community with mixed-use development, but mostly residential. This includes single-family residential, multi-family, housing authority, rental properties, and homeowner-occupied properties. Churches, medical facilities, shopping restaurants, and local services and businesses are located within the Oaklawn Community, however the prevailing perception of the Oaklawn community details a neighborhood in decline. Although crime stats don’t support it, Oaklawn has a reputation as a high-crime area. While there are some well-maintained homes, a vast amount of properties are abandoned, blighted, or in need of repair. Despite the amount of disrepair found in the area, Oaklawn’s well-maintained homes demonstrate that a sense of pride does exist among some residents.

Oaklawn-based organizations like the Coalition of Churches group, which has worked tirelessly to maintain a sense of community among residents, carry on the cultural pride found in the area. This legacy of pride, self-determination, and hope still alive in those who grew up in Oaklawn remembers a rich history that is something to be preserved and cultivated.

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