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The Story of Life, to Me!

story of life

I was driving out in the country one day after M.C. and I had moved here from Georgia in 1996, and found this old pump.   I had been looking for one because these old pumps always seem to mirror life. (It wasn't red like this when I found it.)  

I took it by my dad's house in Huntersville and showed him. He said he would clean it up and paint it for me. I told him I wanted it red because at the time, I was working for Pizza Hut.

Not only did he clean and paint it, he mounted it on this piece of wood. I've used it from time to time when talking to different groups, as it just seems to hold their attention. At one time, I had it sitting on my book shelf. Now I have it prominently displayed on my desk as a constant reminder of its meaning to me.  

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ELHS boasts only high school Habitat for Humanity chapter in NC

ELHS habitat

Staff Writer

East Lincoln High School has established the first high school Habitat for Humanity chapter in North Carolina.

Kelly McLain, an Americorps volunteer coordinator serving Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County, was in search of new volunteers when the idea dawned on her.

McLain, a graduate of East Lincoln High School where she served as president of the science club, reconnected with her former science teacher, Robert Chapp. Chapp, coincidentally, had been brainstorming ideas of a new club himself that would not only look good on a college resume, but also teach students valuable skills for later on in life.

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