Habitat Articles

The AmeriCorps Experience

By Megan Bales
In August, I began my AmeriCorps position with Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County. Frankly, I was unsure about what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing about Habitat, construction, or even myself to tell the truth. However, I can say confidently that just two and half months later everything has changed. Sure, I still know as much about construction as I do quantum physics (okay, not really, I can lay flooring and paint walls), but as far as Habitat and myself are concerned, I know so much more.

These past few months, I have totally fallen in love with Habitat, its mission, and practices, both here in Lincoln County and abroad. In fact, I love Habitat so much that during my AmeriCorps training with dozens of AmeriCorps members, I quickly became known as, “that weird girl who’s obsessed with Habitat”, a nickname I was quite proud of. With respect to myself, I have learned that the people you surround yourself with will determine if you are successful in accomplishing your goals. The people of Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County are truly and unequivocally, the most hardworking, passionate, and open human beings I have ever met.

Hopefully, after reading this, you or someone you know will want to join us in providing strength, stability, self-reliance through shelter in Lincoln County. We currently have a Construction Crew Leader AmeriCorps National position available and we are looking for dedicated applicants! Please contact our office for more details!