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Shout Out to ReStore Volunteer, Nancy Taylor!

Nancy volunteers with us at The Lincolnton ReStore.  Nancy came to The Lincolnton ReStore to buy furnishings for her rental home that she was forced to move into after her own home burned on Dec 8, 2016. She lost everything… even her fur baby, Ginger.

Nancy saw the sign asking for volunteers.  So instead of reliving her tragedy in her mind and playing “arm chair quarterback” as to how she could have done things differently,  Nancy signed up to volunteer at The Lincolnton ReStore and she says she “hasn’t regretted a day giving back to my community that helped me in so many ways”.

Nancy says her time volunteering at The ReStore has helped her in so many ways.  The staff and volunteers have been wonderful and supported her with their kindness that has helped her get a new lease on life.  She and her husband, along with their new fur baby have settled into their new home now.