Global Village

Each Habitat Affiliate is required to tithe to another country to fund homes, water filters, "smokeless" stoves, or other projects to help this country improve their way of living. As Millard Fullard quotes,

“We the people should leave out none of the people.”

Our affilate has chosen Habitat Guatemala as our sister affiliate and have helped 636 families to date.

guatemala1 600

Our affiliate is planning a Global Villiage mission trip to Habitat Guatemala in the Summer of 2017 to help build and celebrate the 100,000th housing solution in Guatemala. We are hoping to raise money to help cover the cost of travel to this beautiful country.

Being a part of this wonderful trip will continue to strengthen the passion our affiliate has for Habitat's mission and give us a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ with our sister affiliate.

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To help fund this trip would be a blessing for our affiliate. We appreciate any help you are able to provide and ask that you keep us in your prayers through the fundraising process and mission trip.